GIS 2019

Transform Competitiveness!

Nations - Energy - Industries - Cities - Talent

Sept. 16-19, 2019  |  Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Transform Competitiveness!

Nations - Energy - Industries - Cities - Talent

Three days of powerful discussions

Sept 16-19, 2019

all-day event

We are living in an era of accelerated change, in which the economic landscape and society as we know them are being challenged. Exponentially growing technologies are re-shaping the way we work, businesses operate and compete, nations are governed and societies function.

Professionals, businesses, cities and nations are increasingly being called to navigate this changing reality and take action. They will either transform themselves or face disruption. The leveraging of technologies to modernize cities, advance infrastructure, restructure energy supply chains and promote industry growth is matched by a need to innovate in finance, implement quickly-adapting institutions and acquire the talent needed to keep pace with an increasingly volatile global landscape.

Nations and cities around the globe are confronting this reality, experimenting with policies and strategies that fit their own contexts and launching transformation initiatives. In pursuing this path, they  create opportunities for research, innovation, investment, business, partnerships and economic growth.

The 2019 Global Innovation Summit (GIS 2019) will bring together leaders and thinkers representing businesses, academia and governments from across the globe to analyze the opportunities and challenges presented by this era of transformation. Summit participants will seek insight and answers to questions, such as:

  • How can nations leverage advanced manufacturing technologies to transform their economies?

  • What are the windows of opportunity for development and how can cities and nations shift their trajectories?

  • How can we transform energy sources and while strengthening sustainable development and energy security?

  • How can cities transform to become more livable, sustainable, productive and adaptable?  

  • How can educational institutions adjust to the new challenge of an ever-changing skill demand?

  • How can institutions be engineered to allow for the experimentation of new technologies and business models and drive positive transformation?

About the GIS

What is the Global Innovation Summit?

The Global Innovation Summit is organized by the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (GFCC) annually and its flagship event. It is held in conjunction with the GFCC Annual Members Meeting. The Global Innovation Summit convenes high-level leaders from business, government, academia, civil society, and global think tanks for vibrant discussions on the state of global competitiveness and ways to enhance innovation capacity worldwide.


Since the GFCC’s inception, the Global Innovation Summit has been held in the United States. (2010), Brazil (2011), United Arab Emirates (2012), Korea (2013), Canada (2014), Saudi Arabia (2015), the United Kingdom (2016), and Malaysia (2017). The 2018 Global Innovation Summit was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (GFCC) is a network of leaders and organizations from around the world committed to the implementation of competitiveness strategies to drive innovation, productivity, and prosperity for their nations, regions, and cities. The GFCC develops and implements ideas, concepts, initiatives and tools to understand and navigate the complex competitiveness landscape.