The Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (GFCC) is a network of leaders and organizations from around the world committed to competitiveness and higher living standards. Our members strive to achieve innovation, productivity and prosperity in their nations, regions and cities. The GFCC develops and implements concepts, initiatives and tools to navigate the complex competitiveness landscape and take action. 

Thriving markets and people rely on both their own national policies and collaborations across the globe. In this spirit, the GFCC brings together experts for their mutual competitiveness and benefit, true to the motto of Accelerating Competitiveness through Collaboration

Founded in 2010, the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils brings together more than sixty member organizations and is currently represented in more than 35 different countries around a collection of shared principles to enhance regional, national and global prosperity. 

The GFCC aims to enable mutual learning within its distinctive network as well as across the extended network of GFCC partners. This leads to development and implementation of original, creative ideas, concepts and tools for members to navigate today’s complex competitiveness landscape. 

The GFCC works with its members to catalyze cross-learning and creation of competitiveness and innovation strategies, policies and initiatives. For GFCC members, this is achieved through in-depth, high-level networking, analytical tools, advice and education.