Astana International Financial Center, 
Address: Mangilik El, bldg. 55/18, C-3.3 pavilion
Room: Block C 3.3, Floor 2, Dubai Hall
Eurasia Competitiveness Dialogue: Main Opportunities in the Era of the 4th Industrial Revolution

The 21st century Eurasia is a dynamic macro-region lying on the path between Europe and Asia, with abounding natural resources and fast growing economies.

Recently the economic integration in Eurasia has been gradually progressing due to the Eurasian Economic Union and the New Silk Road initiatives. The fourth industrial revolution opens up new opportunities whilst creating new or extra risks to economic development in Eurasia. On the one hand, new technologies can help overcome physical distances and make transport and geographical isolation a less significant barrier to competitiveness. On the other hand, the space is shrinking for competition based solely on natural resources, which makes global competitiveness agenda more important for sustainable growth and prosperity.

The interactive discussions during the session will be devoted to the following issues:

  • What challenges and opportunities for Eurasia emerge due to the new drivers of competitiveness?

  • What is Eurasia 4.0? How can it effectively position itself in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

  • What is the right balance of competition and cooperation between national economies in the Eurasian region? Which new joint projects can be implemented? How can they be useful for driving competitiveness?