H.E. Altay Seidirovich Kulginov is the current Mayor of Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. Kulginov began his career in the military, after which he held various positions in the Ministry of Justice, Agency of Public Administration and the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He held his first mayoral position in 2012, as the Deputy Mayor of West-Kazakhstan Oblast. He went on to become Mayor of Uralsk, before returning to West-Kazakhstan Oblast to serve as Mayor. 

Kulginov studied at the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Kh.A.Yasawi, the Academy of Public Administration and the University of Aberdeen in Great Britain, which he attended as part of Kazakhstan’s International Bolashak Program. He holds Master’s degrees in both International Commercial Law and Public and Local Administration. 


H.E. Altay Kulginov

Mayor, Nur-Sultan

Republic of Kazakhstan