September 17



Invitation only events

The GFCC is honored to welcome GFCC Members, Fellows, Global Innovation Summit Speakers, hosts, partners and sponsors, as well as special guests to the Annual GFCC Gala Dinner. 

There will be arranged seating for the evening — a member of the event team will help you find your seat as you enter the room. 

The Gala Dinner culminates in an exclusive cultural performance by our hosts, including a traditional Kazakh musical performance and traditional dance. 

Gather for Bus Transfer to Gala Dinner Location
Parking Lot of Baiterek Tower on Dostyk Street (Across the Street from Ritz Carlton) 
Gala Dinner Reception
Gala Dinner
Kazakhstan's Future Competitiveness

An exclusive conversation between the GFCC leadership and Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister Askar Mamin about the dynamic path of Kazakhstan through history and its way forward in the realm of competitiveness and economic development. 

Global Competitiveness Award Ceremony

The Global Competitiveness Award honors leaders who have advanced the competitiveness agenda and made significant contributions to their nations, regions, cities and globally. The Award recognizes trailblazers and groundbreakers who have brought together coalitions of people, leveraged new tools and models, championed new legislation and government policies, or ignited other activities to help strengthen their country’s competitiveness. These leaders transform the way business is done, the way government works with business, and the way sectors come together to promote sustainability, innovation, growth, and prosperity for all of their citizens. 

The award is provided by GFCC Member NADIM Industries. 

Gala Dinner ends
St. Regis Astana, Winter Garden Hall
Bus Transfer back to Hotels